Friday, June 14, 2013

Settlement in OxyContin Lawsuit

Purdue Pharma, makers of the powerful drug OxyContin, has agreed to pay $4 million in a damages to a Kentucky county. A lawsuit was filed in 2007 by Pike County for damages over the use of the narcotic. The lawsuit stated that the community suffered after the company marketed OxyContin as a safe alternative to other pain medicine.

Pike Judge Executive Wayne T. Rutherford stated he couldn't give further details about the settlement due to the terms of the agreement.
Rutherford went on to say "Finally, Pike County Government will have the funds to make a difference in the drug addiction."
Pike County plans to create a Re-Entry program for people who are addicted to drugs.

OxyContin is sometimes called "Heroin of the Hills" or "Hillbilly Heroin" in many counties in Kentucky.

The Pike County attorney in the case was Gary C. Johnson, who according to reports was very passionate presenting the case in court.

This is a huge win for Pike county but what about the many other counties in Kentucky who have been effected by the drug? There has been many deaths linked to the use and addiction of OxyContin in many counties such as Bell, Harlan, and Knox.

I wonder if any of these other counties will follow the example of Pike County and file Lawsuits against Purdue Pharma? Only time will tell.


[source: Middlesboro Daily News]

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  1. It is a dangerous drug if not used correctly


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